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Teachers and Students Hold a Protest against Levies Raid on School in Kalat

Kalat: Teachers and students of different schools in Kalat protested against raid carried out by Levies Force on Government Mughalzai High School Kalat, on Thursday.

The students and teachers protested in front of Mir Ahmed Yar Khan Press Club Kalat and chanted slogans against the Levies personals involved in terrifying students and staff members of the school.

Levies forces had carried a raid on Government Mughalzai High School Kalat to arrest a 14 years old students on Wednesday. The Levies forces allegedly misbehaved with school staff and harassed students by holding guns on them.

The protesting teachers and students were holding placards inscribed with demands against Levies interference in schools. They said, “Forces rather than ensuring protection to the teachers, they themselves are becoming violent and causing terror in educational institutions.”

Speaking on the event district President of Government Teachers Association Kalat, Eid Muhammad Mullahazai said that they could not tolerate entrance of forces without any permission in the educational institutions. “We condemn such moves in Kalat and demand termination and arrest of the involved personals.” He added.

“There should be peaceful environment for teachers and students in schools; however, the government is itself going against its claims of education emergency.” Eid Muhammad told.

Eid Muhammad threatened that they would close schools if action was not taken against those who violated institutional principles.

One of the teachers Sikandar Zehri condemned forced entry in school and said,“The Levies personals wearing masks entered school and terrified students and remained there for more than two hours which created a great fear among students, thus, today we noticed a very low attendance of students in school.” 

Former President of Government Teachers Association Kalat, Mr Ashraf Dehwar appreciated courage of school principal for raising voice against interference and raid on school.

Mr. Iqbal Aziz Head of the Government High School Police Line Kalat, Shabir Ahmed, Head of the Government High School Kohing Kalat, Khalil Ahmed Mughal and Haji Dad Muhammad also condemned the act in their speeches in the protest.

Later the protest was called off on the assurance of Deputy Commissioner (DC) Kalat, that action would be taken against Levies individuals and in future forces would not interfere in educational institutional in Kalat.

Published in The Balochistan Point on 21 April, 2016

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