Yousaf Ajab Baloch Writes

Voice of a Journalist & Human Rights Defender


Balochistan’s Unprotected Hindus

By Yousaf Ajab Baloch

The July 28, 2012 abduction of three Hindu traders of the same family in Kalat District has caused intense fear among the Hindu community in Balochistan. The kidnapping of Sunil Kumar 25, Ratan Kumar 23 and Ramish Kumar, 35,has not received much official or media attention as such incidents have unfortunately become the order of the day in the province.

Acute Malnutrition among Children in Balochistan

By Yousaf Ajab Baloch

The people of Balochistan suffer because of disasters either brought by the nature or human beings. The absence of planning for disasters risk reduction or emergency based support ratifies lack of interests of authorities. It seems the official functionaries are only interested in Balochistan’s resources, not the Baloch people.


The Disabled Children of Balochistan

By Yousaf Ajab Baloch

The pain of disable children becomes immeasurable when they see children of their ages laughing, playing, reading, and writing and running. These children’s parents even go through worse and deeper anguish when they see their children unable to function like normal kids.





Skin disease caused by unhygienic situation

By Yousaf Ajab Baloch

Union council Iskalkoo is one of the nearest union councils of district head quarter Of Kalat ,some 16 km .People of Iskalkoo are deprived of all basic facilities of life ,just few villages have some facilities of health ,education which do not meet the requirements of the communities. The facilities in mentioned area are equal to none ,lack of skills and poverty worsens the level of daily life ,extreme poverty and current drought have increased in the indigence and hardships of the communities more .


Acid attack on three girls’ in Kalat

By Yousaf Ajab Baloch

Once again a barbaric act of acid attack on three sisters took place in Kalat on 29th April. Three young sisters seriously got injured when two unidentified motorcycle rider threw acid on them in Kalat town, some 150 kilometers from capital of Baluchistan. All three girls’ faces and other limbs burnt by acid. This is second heinous incident of acid attack on girls in Baluchistan, two weeks ago same type of incident happened in Dalbandin on 13th April, when two sisters were being attacked by unknown group – ‘Baloch Ghairatmand Group’ (Baloch Honored Group) which claimed for responsibility.




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